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August 18, 2010

Best cities to visit in Europe

Europe is so full of history that it would take a lifetime to see it all, not to mention its ingenious architecture. The ancient buildings and bridges are truly an awesome sight, and of course, there are museums in just about every city. However, the cities are only part of the incredible sights Europe has to offer. There are a number of great destinations worth visiting which include;

* Rome: If you’re into history, Rome was once the center of the Roman Empire. UNESCO has listed Rome as The World Heritage Site. You will marvel at the archeology and art of Naples and Pompeii. Travel along the Highway of the Sun from Rome, and see the charming medieval villages.

* Dublin: The Irish have a quaint and charming attitude and the small island near the UK is a pleasant and beautiful place to visit, especially if you like to drink. Dublin boasts some very famous drinking establishments.

* Florence: This historical city boasts some of the most wonderful art galleries, along with fine wine and awesome architecture. Visit the many monuments, museums, churches, and palaces.

* Amsterdam: You will see some of the most beautiful flowers in Holland when you visit this popular city. The waterways, floating gardens, and bridges alone are worth the trip, not to mention the lavender fields and painted vineyards.

* Paris: You will never run out of interesting or exciting things to do in Paris. The sites, shopping, and diverse nightlife will have you planning your return trip before your first visit is over. Cruise along the river Seine and admire the awesome bridges, architecture and monuments.

* Athens: This ancient city of Greece is said to be home to the gods. Check out the Acropolis and Parthenon as well as the Sacred Rock. These historical sites always bring visitors back.

* London: This busy city is heavily visited each year as there is so much to see and do. Also, the shopping, dining and museums are extraordinary. Experience the underground transportation that takes you anywhere in the city.

*Venice: There is such a romantic atmosphere in this lovely city with waterways running in every direction, which is the main mode of transportation. Venice is the kind of city you simply want to get lost in.

All of the best cities to visit in Europe are too numerous to mention here. If you have never visited Europe, you are missing out on so much beauty and history. Perhaps you could skip on over to the Holy Lands where The Lord Jesus Christ traveled during His ministry. Imagine standing on the same ground where the Savior once stood.

Do yourself a favor and travel to Europe at least once. However, more than likely, you will have to go back because there is too much to see in just one trip. Seeing Europe in pictures or movies just isn’t the same as being there. Europe needs to be experienced.

One trip would barely be enough time to take in just one of Europe’s awesome cities. Why not plan a separate vacation to each city and see them all!

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