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July 26, 2010

Guide to Tuscany

Tuscany is a very scenic region in Italy whose capital is Florence. It has six protected sites by UNESCO making it a famous tourist destination. It is a beautiful land with captivating villages and cities.

The first human settlements in Tuscany were Etruscans who established the town of Fiesole during the 1st century B.C. They were great builders, sea-farers and they made excellent artwork and jewelry. When Rome colonized the region, the Etruscans became incorporated into the Roman civilization. During this period the towns of Lucca, Pisa, Siena, Florence and Pistoia were established.

When Roman power faded, barbarians began invading the area. Tuscany was lucky in a sense that it did not suffer any serious damage, making the cities in the Tuscan region flourish.

During the 13th century, Florence became the governing power in the region. Many people from all over the world began visiting the city.

By the 16th century Florence became a principality under the reign of the Medici family.

By 1860, Tuscany became a part of united Italy with Florence becoming the temporary capital of Italy from 1865 to 1871.

Today, Tuscany has grown wealthy and is a major cultural center which attracts many tourists every year.

Before embarking on a trip to Tuscany, you should first see to it that you have the proper documentation to enter Italy. This could easily be arranged with your tour operator or by proceeding to the nearest Italian embassy. The ideal time for you to travel to Tuscany is in May, September or October. The weather during this time is mild and the surroundings are very beautiful at this time of the year making it perfect for touring.

Once you have the proper documents, you can enter Tuscany via their 2 international airports namely the Galileo Galilei International Airport in Pisa and the Amerigo Vespucci Airport in Florence.

While in Tuscany, your tour would probably start in Florence. There are a lot of historical sites in this city. Brunelleschi’s Dome on the Duomo is a popular site visited by crowds of tourists. There are attractive architecture in this city, renaissance palaces and the famous bridge, Ponte Vecchio. Paintings done by masters are displayed in the numerous museums and galleries of the city.

A visit to Siena is spell binding. The place has lots of Gothic buildings which include churches and palaces. Europe’s best preserved medieval towns are located in this area. Imagine this; place of winding street, soft red brick houses, swaying terra cotta roofs. This is what Siena is all about and you would really enjoy this place.

In Pisa, the world famous Leaning Tower of Pisa is what tourists visit first. Aside from this, there are lots of buildings with great architecture to admire. It would definitely remind you of the Pisa of long ago when it was the world’s richest port.

There are a whole lot more places to discover in Tuscany which would delight you. Make sure not to rush form one place to another while in Tuscany. Take it slow and soon you will realize that this place is a beautiful land blessed by Mother Nature.

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