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August 17, 2010

Ideas for great vacations

There are a number of ideas for a great vacation, and it would be impossible to name them all here. However, some of the best vacation destinations aren’t necessarily well known. Frequent travelers get together with other frequent travelers, sharing their experiences.

Just because a brochure tells you a particular vacation destination is a great place, there’s no guarantee that you will enjoy it. Take a look at what frequent travelers are saying and get some ideas for a great vacation.



UNESCO has listed Rome as the World Heritage Site. This magnificent ancient city was the core of the Roman Empire and is rich with awe-inspiring historical sites. Ancient ruins, historical museums, and so much history can be found in this fascinating city.


The City of Ice and Fire is what Iceland is appropriately called with arching waterfalls, geysers, and volcanoes. The sites on this amazing island are like none you’ll see anyplace else.


The thirty-foot, fully functional clock tower of Big Ben, the Tower of London, the London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, underground transportation to just about anywhere, excellent shopping, diverse dining and entertainment. This is what the city of London is all about.


The flowers of Holland are breathtaking with such brilliant colors, textures and arraignments. Canals carrying literal floating gardens run all around this lovely city among the many museums. You’ve never seen flowers the way you’ll see them in Amsterdam.


Unless you are an absolute genius at organizing your time, likely as not, you will not see all that Paris has to offer in one trip. The incredible Eiffel Tower is only one of the many attractions along with fine museums, endless shops, dining, art, and exceptional nightlife.


The atmosphere of Venice is one of romance with its flowing canals, which is the main mode of transportation in this serene city. For someone who may be looking for a little leisure and perhaps a little romance, Venice is the place to go. Small cafes, art museums and shops of all kinds make Venice a city you simply want to get lost in.


The architecture is incredible in Florence with the huge churches and ancient sites that are filled with history. Known for its wine, Florence is also a good city for leisure browsing and relaxation. Visit their many art and historical museums.


North Carolina:

The majestic mountains along the Blue Ridge

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