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July 13, 2010

Plan a Roman holiday with Italy tours!

Welcome to the land of the mighty Roman Empire! The Romans may have left the world stage a long time back, but the charm of Italy remains the same. Tourists from all over the world arrive in Italy to experience the rich history and culture preserved in the streets and historical monuments of Italy. Tourists looking for information on Italy tours can find it in this reliable World Travel Guide. This site provides updated information on flights to Italy, Cheap vacation packages, and hotels in Italy.

Italy is a beautiful country bordering France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia, in Southern Europe. The Mediterranean Sea flanks the boot shaped country in the south. The country is famous all over the world as the origin of western culture and is also the home of the Catholic Church. The Renaissance started here in the middle ages and changed the history of the world. Italy is also famous for its fashion houses like Gucci, its cuisine, and stylish sports cars. This World Travel Guide provides information about Italy tours covering major cities of Italy, like Rome, Bologna, Naples, Pisa, Turin, Milan and Venice.

This World Travel Guide is regularly updated to provide tourists with all the latest information about the flights to Italy from all the major cities of the world.
There are many Italy hotels and this World Travel Guide has the current information on all of them regardless of their classification. Detailed information about hotels in Rome, Naples, Bologna, Milan, and other important cities is also available here. If you are looking for accommodation, dining or business, or recreational facilities offered in the hotels in Rome or other cities of Italy, you can safely rely on this World Travel Guide for all such queries. For tourists on a budget, information on cheap vacation packages in Italy can be found in this site.

Italy Tours are incomplete without Italian cuisine. So when you are traveling in Italy, you cannot resist the tastes of the local dishes served in the hotels and restaurants of the country. Information about all the major restaurants in the Italian cities is stored and updated in this World Travel Guide.

There are a lot of sightseeing options in Italy. To help you plan better, this World Travel Guide keeps you updated on all the places of interest in the various cities of Italy. UNESCO has certified many of Italy’s historical buildings and monuments as world Heritage Sites. These include the historical centers of Florence, Rome, and Naples, Piazza del Duomo in Pisa, Early Christian Monuments of Ravenna, and the Residences of the Royal House of Savoy in and around Turin. Residences of the Royal House of Savoy in and around Turin. In this World travel guide, you can get detailed information on how to reach the various tourist spots, where to get local transport, costs and the accommodation facilities in their vicinity.

For tourists traveling in Italy, there are many recreational activities to choose from. The major cities have facilities for activities like Bowling, Pool, outdoor games, bike tours, adventure treks, water sports, and nightclubs. This World Travel Guide is dependable for all types of information on Italy Tours.

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