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July 9, 2010

Should travelers explore their home country first or travel abroad as often as they can?

Travelling for pleasure and knowledge is really beautiful and fascinating; it can make us grow as persons because it increases our culture and sensibility when we meet new people with their culture and life experience and we explore the nature and the artistic and cultural richness of a date region or Country.

Travelling changes and broadens our view of life and makes us overcome prejudices and ignorance about the the rest of the world, if we have a minimum of intelligence and, also for this purpose, it’s not important how many Km we travel and we don’t need to reach the farthest land of the world to discover wild nature, peace and culture.

When we start travelling alone or in group, we’re normally very young, frequently, teenagers (10-19) or also children (under10) and, when not still come of age, we can travel with parents and relatives or with the teachers of our school.

Maybe, this is the best age to travel and discover the world , because we are curious, full of enthusiasm and easy to adapt ourselves to what we find out.

Personally, I think that it’s better to start travelling in OUR Country, firstly, because it’s relatively easier than going abroad, especially when we don’t know the language and scarce or absent services and facilities are available for travellers.

Furthermore, I also live in a Country, Italy, that many people consider one of the most beautiful of the world, referring to its immense, varied and splendid artistic and cultural richness (60% of the worldly artistic and cultural heritage is just in Italy); then, for the beauty of many natural environments and landscapes, although this is only what has survived today from destruction and injuries that many Italian common people and politicians have caused with their incivility and dirty economic and political interests.

In Italy, every little or big town is a world apart, with its unique ancient artistic, cultural, historic, gastronomic, artisan richness; how to confuse Turin with Milan or Florence, Rome, Genoa, Amalfi, Naples, Lecce, Palermo? The Alps with the Apennines, the wilderness of Mt. Maiella or Mt. Pollino with the Dolomites? Or the wonderful coasts of Sardinia with those of Liguria?

Sea and mountains are distant even few Km, with very different environments and climate, for ex., from the sub-tropical vegetation of Sicily and Pantelleria Islands to the snow and ski facilities along the Mt. Etna flanks.

We could travel the whole life across Italy, covering distances

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