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July 26, 2010

Important artists in European history

… the father to let Giotto become his pupil. Another story tells that Giotto, while apprenticed to a wool merchant in Florence, frequented Cimabue’s studio so much that he was finally allowed to study painting. The stories concerning Giotto as a …

July 15, 2010

Biography: Leonardo da Vinci

… minerals, spices, egg yolk, and other materials to mix the paint.

Leonardo soon became a master in the painters’ guild of Florence in 1472, where he worked until 1481, and then went to the city of Milan. There he kept a large workshop and …

July 13, 2010

Plan a Roman holiday with Italy tours!

… on Italy tours can find it in this reliable World Travel Guide. This site provides updated information on flights to Italy, Cheap vacation packages, and hotels in Italy.

Italy is a beautiful country bordering France, Switzerland, Austria …

Humor: Delivery stories

… me of when my first child, Ethan, was born.

The time was February of 2004 and we were living in Florence, Kentucky where I was a First Officer with Atlantic Coast Airlines/ Delta Connection flying from the Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky …

July 8, 2010

Donatello’s Fountain

Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi, universally known as “Donatello”, was born in Florence around 1385 and was laid to rest there in 1465. The powerful nature of his art made him the greatest sculptor of the early Renaissance

A …

July 4, 2010

The Wonders Of Italian Architecture

… that create seem-less bonds between the banks of rivers such as the Rialto in Venice or Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

Walls originally designed to defend a city have later been turned into wonderfully imposing rings that have been giving …

June 8, 2010

Sensational Baby Boy Names And Baby Girl Names From The Daring 1900s

… ;” Elizabeth (Hebrew) means “beauty;” Dorothy (Greek) means “gift of God;” Marie (French) means “spiritual;” Florence (Latin) means “flowering blossom;” and Mildred (Old English) means “gentle.”

The first decade of the …

June 7, 2010

Indulge Yourself At Perugia’s Famous Eurochocolate Festival

… villages, is a popular tourist destination. The city is 175 km from Rome and 150 km from Florence and is easily accessed by road and train. Inexpensive flights are also available from Rome and Florence. You can hire a car at the airport and train …

June 6, 2010

Best Hotels in Italy

… for their stay. The hotel offers premium accommodation in its 52 rooms including 17 suites.

Villa La Massa
Florence-Candeli, FI, Italy

Step into the fascinating 16th century’s Medicean Villa La Massa and you know premium …

May 22, 2010

P and O Cruise Destinations

… .

For example, you can depart from Southampton and stop at Gibraltar before moving on to Cartagena, Rome, Santa Margherita, Florence and even Barcelona. After that you will go back to Southampton, where you will end your cruise. Of course, …

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