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July 14, 2010

Travel tips: Researching your destination

Why Travel?

By Jim Wood

The thought of travel and the research of travel can save you a lot of money and a lot of inconvenience. I am not an authority on this subject but I have traveled the world by ship and air and land tours and by car. I avoided walking as much as I could. The average American has more information available by which to make an armchair visit anywhere in the world that actual travel is not required.

I loved Egypt and if the Muslims settle down I may go there again. The Amazon was a wonder. I went both ways on a Cunard Line ship to Manuas and out again. The pictures in the library books I saw would have been good enough if it wasn’t for the natives in their dug-outs and the luxury of the cruise ship. The bugs at sunset were hateful and the Sun at high noon would burn you in less than 5 minutes. You learn quickly when to avoid the local bad news. I would never go back to the Amazon for any reason. The cost of the trip, even as good as it was, did not warrant my putting that much time aside. When leaving the river we stopped at Devils Island, the old french penal colony. Had we known how much walking and climbing was required we would have stayed on board. There are many places that sound mysterious and/or romantic but a little research with Videotapes that are free for rent in most libraries will help you see what you want without surprises that you want to avoid. I have taken cruises to much of Europe, Greece, Alaska, the East coast and Mexico. Throw in the Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Flying to South America and driving to Canada as well as cruising to Canada and by train. Hawaii was great fun and I could talk to the natives and they understood what I said (most of the time).

The QE2 to England and the Concord fly back was great fun. Almost 3 weeks land tour of Ireland, England and Scotland was great. Looking back I know there are places like Rome, Florence, Luxemburg, Austria, Germany, Monte Carlo, and such that I am just skipping over. My point here is that I have made the trips I am suggesting to you as maybe not all that much fun.

I think a really good idea for a family, such as Mom, Pop and two little ones is to plan a trip to some place in the world you think you would like to go. Then check with your local library to see if they have a tape available relating to where you want to travel. If there is no tape you can revert to the Internet and search with Yahoo or Google to find sources that have travel information on you

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