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August 1, 2010

Traveling by bus

Travel by bus and train is now the simplest thing that we can do every day, we just reach to any bus stop (in UK) and all we have to do is: wait for the first bus! But is not that easy in many others developed countries in the world. Italy is one of the most beautiful Cities in the world but it also is the most stressful place for a tourist that is looking for a relaxing vacation outside the Capital City ( Rome, Florence, Milano), for example Gallipoly, Otranto, Sant Andrea, there are all beautiful places near Lecce, (in Puglia), they are not much know but really astonishing places.

Italy is reach of Cultures, Arts, Natural Beauty, paradise of Sea Side, traditional testy recipes and every thing you can imagine, but if you are out in the night after 9.00pm (in some City 8.00pm) you really struggle to think: How can I come back home?

There are no buses, no train! Want to ask information? Nobody Speech English!

I know is ridiculous but I can ensure you that this happened to me so many times!

I have relation in Italy, so I use to go a few weeks every year, I love Italy and its traditions and even the people, they are funny and very open to every body, but they have a long way to go for development in public transport. You have to walk for miles in the night, and if you think of calling a taxi let me tell you: there are no working phone boots and ones you find one the fair of the taxi is so high that next time you prefer to walk! You don’t believe me?

Try it!

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