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August 22, 2010

Tuscany Tours – Don’t Miss Out on Tuscany Italy

Thinking about going to Italy for your vacation? Excellent choice! There is so much to see. But the place I am going to tell you about are a part of the Tuscany tours of Italy. They are some of the most beautiful architecture you will ever come upon. The most lovely, exquisite, picturesque architecture in the world is all in Tuscany.

There are at least six UNESCO protected places in Tuscany. This means they are protected by the international World Heritage Program. Recognized as places for outstanding culture, they are protected. Consider this: In the entire world, there are only 851 protected sites. When you go on a Tuscany tours vacation, you can see and enjoy 6 of them.

Some of these protected sites include the centers in Siena, Penza, Florence, and San Gimignano. There is also the Val d’Orcia, and the square of the Cathedral of Pisa. You might more readily know it as the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The Duomo Cathedral represents Italian Romanesque culture at its finest, and can be found in Siena. Santa Maria del Flore is in Florence, another place you must see. It is a wonderful piece of architecture. Also in Florence is an amazing old bridge, the Ponche Vencho Bridge. This old bridge is held up by stilts, and has shops built along its edge.

In San Gimignano, there is a small town on top of a hill. The walled town is famous for its medieval architecture. Even from miles away, you can see its 14 towers.

These magnificent towers have stories to tell indeed. They have withstood wars and major disasters. Yet here they still stand, beautiful works of art, which you can see for yourself on your Tuscany tours. Then there is Val d’Orcia, protected for its quaint little villages and the beautiful rolling hills. You shouldn’t leave Italy without visiting this place once.

It is mainly because of their magnificent architecture that these cities are protected. You will be able to see these sites while on your Tuscany tours and take in their history and beauty.

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