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April 28, 2010

What to Expect From Florentine Restaurants

Even though it might sound played out, I must say that Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Some even call it the most luxurious one. Its palaces, churches and museums are overfilled with paintings and sculptures by famous masters. Florence is the city where Renaissance was born, the city filled with the atmosphere of incomparable beauty and centuries of history. The look of the Cathedral of Florence against the background of the crowds of people fussing around makes one grasp for breath — truly a magnificent construction it is. Each street is filled with the spirit of the past. Da Vinci, Dante, Boccaccio, Michelangelo and Medici — such a great number of people come from Florence.

But those are not only its cultural attractions like The Duomo, the Fountain of Neptune and The Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) that attract great numbers of tourists to Florence. Visitors of one of the travel portals — tripadvisor, said that best restaurants are found in Florence, Paris and Rome. Let’s have a closer look at what dining options Florence offers.

Florence has a great number of restaurants, from small ones preparing traditional Tuscan dishes to exclusive offering best Italian and international food. The quality is good in most of them, though there might be some exceptions. Those who want to taste traditional food are advised to go to cheap or medium-priced cafes and restaurants: don’t forget that the secret of Florentine cuisine is in its simplicity and the excellent quality of its ingredients (olive oil in the first place). Surprisingly, the most expensive of them are aimed at local people, who dine at home and go eating outside mostly on special cases. That’s why they prefer delicious and creative dishes.

If you aren’t really hungry, you can have a snack at one of local pizzerias: there are a great number of them in Florence, but best pizza is prepared in Rome. Local bakeries sell tasty pizzas too. The choice of snacks is also great. Don’t want bread? Then go to one of local bars: food is no worse than in any Florentian restaurant. Bars are self-serviced: all you have to do is to take a tray, take the food you like and pay for it at the cash desk. Pasta is good, especially when served hot. Some restaurants serve nice complex dinners.

Dinner can cost even cheaper. Some Florentine bars and clubs offer free snacks for those who buy drinks after 7 or 8 pm. Just buy something to drink, and choose one of the snacks offered.

To cut the story short, Florentian food is a sacred thing. Gatsronomic impressions might become the topic for any talk, be it a business dinner or a romantic date. One could hardly name all the restaurants of Florence, but five of them are definitely worth mentioning. Those are the Alle Murate, minimalistic -style Beccofino with excellent views on the embankment, Buca Lapi serving delicious Tuscan dishes, four-halled Cibreo, and the legendary Da Sergi (which, by the way, serves complex dinners only).

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