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July 6, 2010

Why Study In Florence?

Why Study in Florence?

If you are thinking of studying abroad, you may be considering Florence, Italy as one of your options. Do a little research into the benefits of studying in this historic and exciting city, and you may find yourself wondering why you would study anywhere else.

There are many colleges and universities in Florence, so you will have a wide range of choices as to which institute of learning you would like to attend. No matter what your course of study, you will probably have little trouble finding a college that can cater to your curricular needs. If your goal is to attend college in Italy specifically because you are studying the language, Florence has several institutes that specialize in teaching Italian to foreigners. They are geared not only toward teaching the base language, but also the history of the Italian language and the subtle differences in dialect in the different regions. Learning to speak the language while immersing yourself in the rich culture of Florence is an experience few Italian-language students would want to miss.

Those who are studying art, art history, or music can find ample reason to consider attending a college or university in Florence. The city is so steeped in art and music culture, both historically and present-day, that students cannot help but find their studies considerably enriched. Florence has retained so much from the Italian Medieval and Renaissance periods that students will be able to study firsthand what elsewhere they could only read about and look at in books.

Business, economics, cooking; all of these things can be studied in Florence, and many of the colleges work closely with institutes in America to coordinate a seamless and beneficial learning experience for foreign students studying abroad.

Besides the educational benefits of studying abroad in Florence, Italy, living in the city for a decent period of time can be enlightening, enriching, and will provide memories that will last a lifetime. Many who study in Florence return to visit again and again – the magic of the region stays in the heart and is not easily forgotten. Art galleries and artisan shops abound, and visitors can spend months just immersing themselves in the rich artistic atmosphere. Many of the buildings from the Medieval and Renaissance periods have been lovingly preserved and maintained, and the architectural splendor of these monuments to Italian history is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. The restaurants with their authentic and delicious cuisine along with the small local shops strewn about the city add to the atmosphere that makes falling in love with Florence even easier.

Florence is a province of the Tuscany region, one of the most beautiful areas in Italy and, arguably, the world. Tuscany’s acres of olive tree groves and vineyards are a beautiful sight to behold while traveling through the rolling green hills of this breathtakingly beautiful region. When students have a little time off from their studies, the Mediterranean ocean provides opportunities for fishing, boating, sailing, or just enjoying the relaxing coastal atmosphere.

Don’t just consider studying abroad in Florence; do it. You will not be sorry.

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